Free Stock Photos

Free Stock Photos

Free Stock Photos – What is it for? Photo licenses?

Every photo on the Internet is licensed. If there is no information about the possibility of using the photo, we have no right to use someone’s photo for their work. (e.g., searching for google images and using them). For such a simple reason, photo banks have been created, where you can find well-tagged, good-quality photos for commercial use.

Often when creating, whether on the Internet or for printing. The question “What photos to use?” Is asked. There are really 4 legal ways to solve this problem. Better or worse, let everyone judge for yourself.

  1. Hire a photographer for a product session.
  2. Take such pictures yourself (required equipment, photographic knowledge)
  3. Buy ready photos from a photo bank
  4. Find free photos from photo banks for commercial use.

And this is the last thread I would like to develop. As you can guess, the quality of free photos will never match the paid ones, although I would like to present in this article a few links to photo bases, where you can find satisfactory quality photos and the photo databases themselves are not so small.

I hope someone will use it;)