Content-Aware Fill This means you will cut it in one click

Tool update:
Content-Aware Fill

Adobe has announced the update of the Content-Aware Fill tool that has been accompanying us since CS5. It is a very useful function for quick photo editing. However, despite all this automation, the detection of the content of the photo was not always perfect. Nothing could be done about it, only to improve it manually.

Now we will be able to refine the automation of a specific area of the photo. Certainly, it will not be perfect contours of the cutout, they will still be for manual correction, but this is a milestone in this direction.

Let us consider why such a monopolist decided to take such a step?

Does it lose its monopoly on the market and starts to defend itself?

Here, of course, only my subjective assessment. Affinity Photo is becoming more and more competition of Photoshop, offering a similar workshop at a lower price.

Such competition can only get us “healthy” 😉