I am Lukas and I designate my graphic studio as “One Man Army”. It comprehensively deals with the whole process of creating either websites, logos, entire branding of the company or individual elements for printing / Internet. Thanks to the enormity of the staff of people working in this Studio, prices are attractive.
Contact with Adobe Creative Suite and the first projects and portfolio that I documented is year 2011, so a long time ago. A lot has happened since then. I work in such areas as graphic design, advertising, branding, digital art, preparation for printing, designing websites and mobile applications, retouching photos, and even I had contact with photography, although more out of curiosity only;) I worked freelance with many large and small companies but mainly with private clients.
So far, I have created a lot of graphics of all kinds, from posters, elements for printing, business cards, leaflets, brochures to digital forms of advertising. I lost count or stopped counting how much it was. In college and just after I had contact with 3D graphics and 3D design – technical projects – SolidWorks and 3Ds Max visuals, interesting experiences, but that was not it. Already during my studies I got to know web site languages, i.e. html and css, so the corrections on websites are not terrible for me. I have many interesting and inspiring projects in my portfolio, although this is only a small part of my business for which I have copyrights.
I am hungry for new implementations and I am happy to meet even impossible challenges, only our own creativity and implementation time limits us. I honestly approach my duties, people do not know when they cross the borderline of workaholism, if they do something out of passion. All day before the computer I try to compensate for the large amount of traffic (gym, running, if time allows) and healthy eating, it helps with creative work even though the pizza will happen from time to time.
If you got here and read it, then Wow I’m in shock and I invite you to contact me if I can help.

matysiewicz.com mean many years of experience in graphic design. From small elements to large projects, but above all Passion, creation of sophisticated visualizations. The above portfolio is the best example. Perfectionism, we never choose shortcuts, each project must be made perfectly. As well as trust, we always try to meet the expectations set by the client.


matysiewicz.com – Graphic Studio

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