Book of Visual Identification – Jastrzębie Zdrój

Księga Identyfikacji Wizualnej

Book of Visual Identification and Logo next to the coat of arms of the city, does it make sense? Like every topic it has supporters and opponents. For some poorly spent money “because the coat of arms was better!” for others a very good creation. Apart from the fact, I would like to discuss the topic on the example of Jastrzębie Zdrój.

Example: Book of Visual Identification

Such Visual Identification only replaces the areas for which it was created. After this treatment, the herb continues to function and appears in the documents.

A well-prepared Book of Visual Identity discusses

how and where you can use the logo,
how not to use the logo,
what exactly should be used color,
and typography,
illustrates the use of design for promotion, advertising, gadgets
Such detailed guidelines help to avoid image errors, than if in the case of having the coat of arms by a person who does not know the subject.

Ps. In my subjective opinion I value such well-thought-out minimalism;)